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Most people arriving in Tenerife have got here via a package holiday from one of the big holiday companies. While this can be a good option for a number of reasons - the main one being convenience, you can save hundreds of pounds if you book your accommodation and flights separately.

The reason you can do this is because you are cutting out the middleman; by going direct to the airlines or hotel, you do not have to pay the hundreds of pounds that holiday companies put on top of the basic flight and hotel price. I am sure you will be quite shocked at the amount of money you can save by doing it this way, we and also several of our relatives have saved between 15-60% by booking our holidays this way. The following are the main benefits of booking your Tenerife flights and hotels direct:

1. You can save up to 60% on the price of your holiday. Our parents managed to save around 40% a few weeks ago. First of all they did a bit of research and had a look at a number of holiday packages and found one that had good flight times and also a really nice hotel in Tenerife. The only trouble was it was going to cost them around £650 each - £1300 for the both of them for 14 nights. So what they did was look on the Alpha Rooms web site, and found the same hotel but because Alpha Rooms deal directly with Tenerife hotels, they managed to book a room for only £560 for both of them for 14 nights. They then went to the Thomson Flights site and booked two flights to Tenerife for £248 including all taxes and transfers. If you have got your calculator to hand you will have worked out that it has cost them a grand total of £808 or £404 pounds each,a massive saving of nearly £500, for the same Tenerife accommodation with flights.

2. You get to choose your hotel in Tenerife. How many package holidays have you been on where the accommodation is allocated on arrival, if like us it would have been quite a few. The only trouble is sometimes you can arrive at the accommodation and discover it's not in the resort you wanted or doesn't have the facilities you normally expect. By booking your hotel direct you avoid the pain of all this, you know exactly where you are going to and you are not limited by the choice of a handful of hotels, as well as saving a pot of money!.

3. Easier & more flexible. Because you are booking your flight and hotel separately it is easier to arrange a holiday for the dates and times of your choice because you have a larger selection to choose from. Also you can arrange your own transfers from the airport, so that you aren't sat on a coach for 2 and half hours while everyone is being dropped off at their hotel.

Booking your Tenerife hotel online is very simple and only takes a couple of minutes. Remember in most cases it is actually cheaper to book online than to phone up. This is because the company does not have to pay for someone to answer the phone and passes these savings onto you. We have done a large search for the best companies offering Tenerife accommodation and have found two which we highly recommended. Both of these companies we have found to be reliable, offer a good choice of hotels and most importantly save you a lot of money!.

Alpha Rooms - Cheap Tenerife Hotels

Alpha Rooms is the premier independent hotel booking service on the internet with over 15,000 hotels bookable online. Our family and ourselves have used them many times and found their selection of hotels excellent. Because it is an independent company it is able to pass on large savings (see example above). Their web site is also easy to use, as in you can check availability and price quickly and easily book your hotel in a matter of minutes.Highly Recommended.
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Thomson - Tenerife Hotel Specialists

Thomson also have a large selection of Tenerife hotels and Tenerife apartments which you can book online. They have some great hotels and they offer some good bargains to be had, if you look in the Canary Islands, Tenerife section of the site.
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