Tenerife Phones & Post

Your guide to the phones & post in Tenerife. Insider information from people who live there.



When phoning the UK from Tenerife you will need to dial 0044 and then miss off the first zero of your number. Example 01627 197641 = 0044 1627 197641.

It works out a lot cheaper to make phone calls if you firstly purchase a telephone card often known as a `Happy Card´ available from many hotel receptions or Kiosk's. When using the card you first need to dial the number on the rear of the card and follow the simple instructions.


Any Emergency 112

Ambulance 061

Police 091

Red Cross 902 222292

24 Hour English Speaking Doctors:

Puerto de la Cruz & North-(freecall) 900 100090

Playa de las Americas & South- 922 791000


Santa Cruz-

University Hospital 922 663194

Candelaria 922 602000

Rambla 922 291600

Puerto de la Cruz-

Bellevue 922 383551

Tamaragua 922 380512

Las Americas-

Las Americas Hospital 922 750022


North (Los Rodeos) 922 635998
South (Reina Sofia) 922 759200



Stamps can be purchased from hotel shops or tobacconists. You will require a €0.52 stamp (Sello) to send a postcard. Post boxes are bright yellow and can be found on most major streets in the resorts.



There are many internet cafés all over the island so you can keep in touch with family and friends. On average it costs three euros an hour.



All English newspapers are available on the day of issue, as are a lot of magazines, however these tend to be a lot more expensive than at home. If you are interested in what's happening in Tenerife, there is a fortnightly paper called `Tenerife News´, which is written in English and available free from tourist information officers.




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