Tenerife General Advice

General advice for visitors to Tenerife. Insider information from people who live there


Do not underestimate the strength of the sun, you will need a high factor sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.

waterpicThe water is safe to drink, but is not advised as it contains chemicals and minerals which may cause an upset stomach, it is fine for cleaning teeth though. Bottled water is reasonably priced at about 70 cents for 1.5 litres .

clockpicThere is no time difference between the UK and Tenerife. If its midday in the UK, its midday in Tenerife.

credit cardWhen paying for anything on a credit card you will need to show your passport, unless in a restaurant.

tenerife busesLocal buses are green and run by a company called `Titsa´. The locals call these guaguas pronounced Ć«wah wah'. To get up to 50% off all journeys, firstly purchase a Bono card available from bus stations and tobacconists. The card also gives you a substantial discount on entrance to many museums in Tenerife.

electricitypicElectricity voltage is 220/240v. Sockets take the standard European two round pin plug.




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