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Teneriffe flights leave from most of the major airports in the UK and Ireland. There are also a number of airlines that fly to Teneriffe as well, which means that the chances of finding a cheap flight to Teneriffe are quite high. I've listed a few of the most popular airlines that fly to Teneriffe below:-

Thomson flights
Monarch Flights
Aer Lingus

Teneriffe unlike most of the Canary Islands is served by two airports one in the north, the appropriately named Tenerife Norte or Los Rodeos and Tenerife Sur (Reina Sofia airport) the larger of the two in the south of the island. Tenerife Norte is mostly used for more regional Teneriffe flights, as it tends to have poor visibility due to its elevation which encourages more cloud and fog. Fog was a contributor to the Tenerife disaster in 1977, where two large planes collided killing many.

This prompted the building of the larger airport in the south of Teneriffe (Reina Sofia). It is a very well equipped airport offering excellent facilities - plenty of well known restaurants and duty free shops to keep you entertained before your journey. There are also several banks in which to exchange your money. The airport is open 24 hours a day so you should be able to get transport or a snack if for example your flight to Teneriffe arrives in the early hours of the morning. Many of Teneriffe's resorts are based in the south of the island so you are only looking at a short transfer time to your hotel. There are also several car hire firms at the Teneriffe south airport, to save time when you get there consider booking your car hire online before you go.

Your flight to Teneriffe from the UK usually lasts on average 4.5 hours. You can fly to Teneriffe from the following UK airports:-

Birmingham - Teneriffe flights
Blackpool - Teneriffe flights
Gatwick - Teneriffe flights
Luton - Teneriffe flights
Stansted - Teneriffe flights
Manchester - Teneriffe flights
Newcastle - Teneriffe flights
Glasgow - Teneriffe flights
Edinburgh - Teneriffe flights
East Midlands - Teneriffe flights
Norwich - Teneriffe flights
Bournemouth - Teneriffe flights
Doncaster/Sheffield - Teneriffe flights
Durham/Tees Valley - Teneriffe flights
Humberside - Teneriffe flights
Aberdeen - Teneriffe flights
Liverpool - Teneriffe flights
Exeter - Teneriffe flights
Bradford/Leeds - Teneriffe flights
Cardiff - Teneriffe flights
Inverness - Teneriffe flights

So as you can see from the number of destinations that you can fly from in the UK there are plenty of options to find that cheap flight to Teneriffe.

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