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When looking for a property in Tenerife it is best to use a local estate agent. They will have an idea of the correct value of the property you are interested in, and will be able to show you a selection of properties in the area of your choice.

Make sure you feel comfortable with the estate agent, in that they understand what kind of property you're looking for. If you're not happy with their service, walk away, there are plenty of estate agents in Tenerife. Also make sure that the agent is officially registered and holds the relevant licence.

How to find the bargains

Don't forget many of the Tenerife property bargains are to be found outside of the major resorts. This does not necessarily have to be far - perhaps just a couple of kilometres. Most estate agents Tenerife cover a small area of a town similar to the UK. Therefore if you are after a bargain it is best to drive out to these smaller towns outside of the resort and speak to the local estate agent. They will have a lot of knowledge of their local area and will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Things to watch out for

Make sure that if the property is towards the mountains or in rural setting that there are adequate services such as gas, electric, water and drainage. Also don't underestimate how cold and also cloudy it can get in the winter months up in the high parts of Tenerife.

Make sure when you see one of these outlying properties it is when the weather is not particularly good, so you can get a real idea of what it would be like to live there. Visiting such a property when the sun is shining and the skies are blue will over romanticize it. Also try and find out what the neighbours are like - are they noisy, have numerous barking dogs, etc, this is common sense but remember it will be a lot more difficult to solve a neighbour dispute than in the UK, as the laws and language is different.

Always try and visit a property in the day and evening and also at the weekend to get an idea what the neighbourhood is really like. People in Tenerife really like to let their hair down at the weekend so if your property is near a local bar or popular restaurant, you will be in for a long, sleepless 48 hours.

The best advice we can give is to not rush into buying a property, if you are really serious, rent yourself a property here for a couple of months and get a real feel for living here. An advantage of this is that you will make many contacts and also find out which areas are good and what properties are overpriced.

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