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Your guide to weather in Tenerife. Insider information from people who live there.

Tenerife has arguably the best climate on earth. There is apparently nowhere else on earth that has such a small difference between winter & summer temperatures.

Unlike other warm climates there is no rainy season and because the temperatures rarely reach uncomfortable levels there is little need for air conditioning or any sort of heating in the winter. If you want sunshine you've come to the right place, Tenerife has on average 320 days or 2500 sunshine hours a year.

Temperatures on Tenerife are more affected by altitude than the weather. The higher you go on Tenerife the cooler the weather. For instance it is not unusual for Teide to have snow on its slopes for many months of the year, so it is possible to be snowballing in the morning then basking on a beach in the afternoon.

The south of Tenerife tends to get the most amount of sunshine, but contrary to popular belief the north of the island doesn't get that much more rainfall but tends to be cloudier. This is made up for by the lush green mountains and landscape which are easier on the eye than the harsh, arid landscape of the south. 

Do remember though that the Tenerife sun is very strong, even though the temperatures may not be that uncomfortable. It is only a short distance from the Sahara desert, after all. Make the most of the Tenerife weather, but be careful.

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