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Your guide to car hire in Tenerife. Insider information from people who live there.


Whilst visiting Tenerife you may wish to hire a car so that you can travel from the airport direct to your hotel at your own time and leisure. Thus ensuring you do not have to spend hours on a coach whilst dropping off other holiday makers at their hotels. Enabling you to start your holiday even sooner.

We would advise you to book your Tenerife car hire vehicle before leaving the UK to ensure that you have a car waiting for you once arriving at the airport. You can often benefit from many pre booking discounts this way too.

Having a hire car also gives you the freedom to see the many places and attractions in Tenerife without any of the restrictions and expense of coach tours. See the hidden Tenerife, visit all those beaches and coves usually inaccessible to coaches and buses. Enjoy the whole of the island at your own time and leisure, visiting any place you wish day and night. Amazon do many detailed road maps of the island to help you plan your journey.

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Tenerife Car Hire - Essential Information.

When collecting your hire car You will need your passport, driving licence and booking reference.

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