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The New Year is welcomed more or less the same way throughout the world, with celebration. Tenerife is no exception to this. Most towns have bands playing in the town square with people dancing to the music and drinking and eating. A difference does occur however at midnight, with each chime of the clock at midnight a grape is eaten. This is for goodluck for each month of the new year. This is no mean feat trying to eat 12 grapes in 12 strokes, it certainly takes some practice. The new year is then usually seen in with a fantastic fireworks display followed by drinking and dancing into the small hours. It is a great time to be had by young and old alike, we certainly enjoy it.

We have just enjoyed what we have come to see as our second Christmas Day, this takes place on the 6th January and is the celebration of the three kings. This is when the locals exchange gifts, as we do on Christmas Day. That is why we end up with two Christmas days-it's great! Christmas here is generally celebrated from Christmas Eve right up to the 6th of January with family and friends coming together for the celebrations.

The weather here has been great as usual and we have had plenty of visitors escaping the cold, wet UK winter. We have found some good deals for our families and friends and thought you too may want to escape to the sun. We have therefore sent you some information of some great offers.

Thomson are offering flights to Tenerife from only £27.49, which is even cheaper than Ryanair. Check flight dates and prices here

We have found a number of bargain hotels for our family and friends with Alpharooms and they have always been pleased with the hotel and even more so with the price. They have rates starting at £18.71 per night. To check dates and prices that suit you best, check here.

We hope you get chance to enjoy some of the sunshine in Tenerife this winter.

Until next time, think of sunny days.

Simon and Claire


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