An almost unbelievable decision was made yesterday by a judge of the Upper Court of Justice of Canaries in Tenerife. The judge awarded an injunction banning the celebrations of the Carnival in the centre of Santa Cruz and the surrounding streets.

This annual Carnival takes place throughout the island of Tenerife with the main celebrations focusing in the capital of Santa Cruz and in the town of Puerto de la Cruz and have taken place for the last two hundred years. The court has halted the celebrations in the capital of Santa Cruz on the grounds that it is deemed too noisy. This was in response to seven communities of neighbours and nine individuals complaining that the festivities violated their human rights.

The banning of this event brought dozens of people onto the streets yesterday to protest at the decision. The Santa Cruz mayor Miguel Zerolo slammed the residents for 'halting a fiesta that not even Franco managed to stop' and said he would do all in his power to reach an amicable solution to the conflict.

The residents that enjoy the Carnival in other towns in Tenerife are now concerned that it could be banned for them too. Could the same complaints have the same effect in other towns?, if so this two hundred year tradition that is enjoyed by thousands of locals and tourists alike could eventually die out.


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