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After we moved to Tenerife our family and friends wanted to be kept updated about what was happening in Tenerife and the best deals on Tenerife Flights and Accommodation so they could come to visit us. We then thought that other people who are interested in visiting this wonderful island would like this information too and so we put together this newsletter for everyone to enjoy.

We have searched for the best deals available for Flights and Accommodation to sunny Tenerife.
These are a few really good deals to enable you to escape the cold weather and come and soak up some winter sunshine.

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Come and soak up the sunshine and enjoy the festivities, Treat Yourself!

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We have put together a few Spanish words for you on our website so you can learn a few basics before visiting, or you can print it out and bring it with you. See these here!

We also like to send you a few Spanish phrases with each newsletter which you may enjoy learning before visiting, here are a few...

Festival Time
This is a great carnival - Esto es un gran Carnaval
Would you like to dance? - ¿Querría usted bailar?
Shall we get a drink? - ¿Obtendremos nosotros una bebida?

Tenerife is home to an amazing Carnival that only just sits in the shadow of Rio de Janerio's carnival. The carnival takes place for a month starting in February and is celebrated all over the island. The biggest celebrations are held in the north of the island in the capital of Santa Cruz where all the bands and dancing takes place just near the port. Streets in all the towns come alive with colour and music.

Everyone gets excited for the street parades and arrive early to see the procession through the streets. The roads are blocked off and you can see the hardcore locals that have arrived really early to get a good view spot. They will have set up chairs for all the family at the side of the road and have snacks and drinks at the ready. Once you are settled in your spot and the carnival parade begins be sure to have your camera at the ready.

You are treated to a wonderful site, many people in the parade are in fancy dress and are just dancing along to the music. Then you have the dance and band groups that have been practicing all year for this event and have routines and wonderful costumes. Some of the dancing groups have very elaborate costumes that they have been making all year. There are also floats that have people dancing on them whilst wearing wonderful costumes and then arrives the Carnival Queens float, with that years selected Queen beautifully dressed in an elaborate costume waving to the crowds.

We hope you have enjoyed our newsletter,
Until next time, think of sunny days.

Simon and Claire


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