Welcome to our Tenerife Newsletter.

After we moved to Tenerife our family and friends wanted to be kept updated about what was happening in Tenerife and the best deals on Tenerife Flights and Accommodation so they could come to visit us. We then thought that other people who are interested in visiting this wonderful island would like this information too and so we put together this newsletter for everyone to enjoy.

We have searched for the best deals available for Flights and Accommodation to sunny Tenerife.
These are a few really good deals to enable you to escape the cold weather and come and soak up some winter sunshine.

New Year Special get away - Tenerife Flights from £74.30.

New Year Special - Tenerife Accommodation from £24.50 per room, per night.

What are you waiting for?, come and soak up the sunshine, Treat Yourself!

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We have put together a few Spanish words for you on our website so you can learn a few basics before visiting, or you can print it out and bring it with you. See these here!

We also like to send you a few Spanish phrases with each newsletter which you may enjoy learning before visiting, here are a few...

Tenerife New Year
Which way to the town square - Cuál manera a la plaza del pueblo

I would like to buy some grapes - Querría comprar algunas uvas

Happy New Year to you - Próspero año nuevo a usted

The fireworks are great - Los fuegos artificiales son gran

The New Year is welcomed more or less the same way throughout the world, with celebration. Tenerife is no exception to this. Most towns have bands playing in the town square with people dancing to the music and drinking and eating. A difference does occur however at midnight, with each chime of the clock at midnight a grape is eaten. This is for goodluck for each month of the new year. This is no mean feat trying to eat 12 grapes in 12 strokes, it certainly takes some practice. The new year is then usually seen in with a fantastic fireworks display followed by drinking and dancing into the small hours. It is a great time to be had by young and old alike, we certainly enjoy it.

We wish you a very Happy New Year

We hope you have enjoyed our newsletter,
Until next time, think of sunny days.

Simon and Claire


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